Biomechanical assessment and orthotic prescription

Poor foot function can cause widespread problems

When your feet hurt, you hurt all over

Many people are surprised to learn that poor foot function can cause widespread problems.

When foot function is compromised, the symptoms can include:

  • ball of foot and/or heel pain
  • aching legs
  • achilles tendonitis
  • shin splints
  • clicking or painful knees
  • hip or back pain
  • neck stiffness

Many of these symptoms are caused when we try to compensate for one foot flattening. The pelvis may tilt, the spine or opposite knee may bend, or the unaffected leg may be moved out to one side. All of these can cause muscles to fatigue and spasm, bones to change shape and joints to be thrown out of alignment.

In addition, when both feet flatten, changes to our gait can result in excessive wear on the spinal bones and joints.

Fix the feet, fix the symptoms

A thorough biomechanical assessment and orthotic prescription can relieve these and other symptoms.

Biomechanical assessment involves a skilled practitioner examining your feet and legs for biomechanical faults, making a diagnosis and determining a treatment plan. During the process, an impression or cast of your feet may be taken to capture the foot’s precise shape and function. This is sent to the orthotics laboratory, where it is used to create a suitable orthotic device, one that is specifically moulded to address your symptoms. Generally, once the device is fitted, the patient gradually increases the daily wearing time.

The result is that over a period of time, symptoms should be significantly reduced and may even completely disappear.

Solutions as individual as you

The Watson's Court Podiatry team are amongst a select few podiatrists in the area that offer biomechanical assessment and orthotic prescriptions. The team’s extensive experience allows us to diagnose and treat a wide range of issues that result from poor foot function.

We work in conjunction with LBG Medical, one of the leading European manufacturers of custom orthotics. Following assessment, the company adapts devices according to our prescriptions, or creates bespoke devices to suit your precise individual needs.

Orthotic devices vary in sophistication, degree of customisation and price. We ensure that our patients have the right choices to suit their budget and requirements.

For many people, prescription orthotics can relieve painful or aching feet, legs, back, hips and other unpleasant and debilitating symptoms. Contact us today to see if we can help you.


I had been suffering from severe pain in my large toes and the balls of my feet for some time, caused by Arthritis and Hallux Rigidus. After being fitted with orthotics recommended by Jackie, I noticed a huge improvement, I find them very comfortable and can now happily walk for miles. As an extra bonus I have also noticed a difference with my knees, which were also painful. They are now much improved also, probably due to my legs being correctly aligned.

I have been very impressed with my orthotics. I do not have any pain in my toe when wearing them and can walk for hours at a time. Previously I was in pain within an hour of being on my feet which impeded my active lifestyle.

I am so pleased with my insoles! I went for the 'top of the range' option as I knew it was the best thing for my whole body. My arches no longer ache and my knees and back have also felt the benefit of them.

I have for several years suffered from a collapsed ankle and now I have some arthritis in the joint. I then started to get more pain in the foot and ankle and was unable to walk any distance. Two years ago I visited Jackie and was told of the orthotics which she was professionally qualified to prescribe. I have had them for 18 months and can only say that the effect has been marvellous. I am now virtually free of foot pain and can live with the discomfort in the ankle. I would fully recommend this for anyone with foot, leg or back problems.


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